The Cream of the Crop

John Sutyak, G’02, knows the graduate program at Springfield College is excellent. He gives because he wants to keep it that way.

By Doug Scanlon | Winter 2020
Communications Specialist

John Sutyak G'02
John Sutyak G’02

John Sutyak, G’02, is the director of athletics at Ferrum College in Ferrum, Va., a career he has been working toward since he was an undergraduate student at Wheaton  (Mass.) College.

He knew he wanted to pursue a master’s degree in athletic administration, and Springfield College was the only place he applied. For starters, it had a great reputation. It also was one of the few schools that offered the program for which he was looking.

Since graduating, Sutyak has realized two things. First, he absolutely made the right decision in choosing Springfield College. For him, it was the tangible, real-life experience he gained through the program that made his education so valuable.

“After I left is when I really appreciated what Springfield College did for me. I was very blessed to be there,” he said.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, Sutyak realized the value of the Springfield College network. Through connections made at the College, he was able to secure several positions throughout his career, including one at Yale University.

“The network is unbelievable. I left Springfield knowing a number of people working in the business; people I can lean on, people I can create relationships with. I’ve probably been afforded interviews and opportunities over the years because of the Springfield connection,” he said.

The second thing Sutyak realized is how crowded the field has become with similar graduate programs. Springfield College might have been the only place a student like him would apply to for graduate school 20 years ago. Today, although there are few actual competitors, there are multiple colleges and universities offering degrees in athletic administration.

Sutyak is interested in being part of the solution, which is why he gives back to Springfield College.

“I truly believe that Springfield is the cream of the crop,” he said. “So, let’s make sure we’re getting the best possible students to carry on that tradition.”

Sutyak knows affordability is always an issue, which is why he directs his Springfield College Fund gift to the graduate financial aid designation.

“I would not be in the position I am today without Springfield College. So, it’s important for me to give back to the next generation going into athletic administration, or any other graduate program, so they can have the opportunity to have the same experience,” he said.

Thanks to graduate alumni like Sutyak, the Springfield College graduate program is able to grow and to continue to offer an exceptional educational experience to students.