Her Love and Her Passion

An alumna, Trustee, and longtime supporter reflects on why she loves Springfield College.

By Doug Scanlon | Winter 2020
Communications Specialist

Sue Lundin, an alumna and Trustee
Sue Lundin

“I came up for a tour and fell in love with the campus. With the people that I met and the kids that I saw walking around, it just felt like it could be my home for four years,” said Sue Lundin ’70.

Fortunately for Springfield College, it became Lundin’s home for the next 50 years. The longtime donor, volunteer, and Trustee has become as familiar to campus as a maroon beanie.

If it was the students she met during her first campus tour that brought her to Springfield College, it is the students that keep her coming back.

Lundin’s desire to share her knowledge of kinesiology with students is what drove her to become a physical education instructor. It was her efforts with the White Key Society, which gave tours to prospective students, that made her more comfortable with public speaking. It was even a Springfield College student who convinced Lundin to make her first gift as an alumna.

“I received a call from a phonathon student. They were very pleasant and asked if I’d be willing to give a donation. I thought about it, said ‘yes,’ and made my first donation. Then, I just kept giving because once I start something I don’t like to stop,” Lundin said.

For 50 years now, as her relationship with Springfield College has grown, so, too, have her gifts.

Now a leadership-level donor, she frequently visits campus, whether it’s volunteering at the alumni association booth on Move In Day or talking with accepted students at open house events. Since 1995, she has been a member of the Board of Trustees and, in 2001, she was awarded the Tarbell Medallion for outstanding alumni service to her alma mater.

“I so enjoyed my time here and what I learned and how it helped me. I just love this place and I feel I have an opportunity to be a part of shaping what is going on,” she said.

More recently, Lundin has committed to the College and its students with a bequest that will support the Advancing Humanics comprehensive campaign.

“The College has meant so much to me and I want it to succeed. The College is a beneficiary in my will, and if any of my finances will help the College, then that’s what I want to do. Springfield College is my love and my passion,” she concluded.