Possibilities Unfolding— Who Unlocked Your Potential?

We asked our friends on social media to tell us who in the Springfield College community helped them discover their possibilities and realize their potential. Their abridged and lightly edited answers appear below. For the full responses, visit springfield.edu/triangle.

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Matt Taylor [’07]
Marty Dobrow, Becky Lartigue, Dennis Gouws, Dennis Gildea to name a few. All outstanding professors and even better people. True role models.

John Finan [’10]
Marty Dobrow

Greg Leonard [’01]
Bob Accorsi, Tom Shea, and Chris Haynes

Erin Kelley [’09]
Ellen Rainville…never met a professor who fights for their students as much as Ellen!!!

Jone Bush [DPE’70]
Dr. Jesse Parks, Dr. Ann Jewett, and Dr. Jack Frost. These people were the ones who helped me be “the little engine that could.”
Dr. Ann Jewett was the department chairperson when I came to Springfield College in the fall of 1963. She encouraged me to accept a fellowship the next year and begin work on my doctorate. She was a nationally recognized leader in the field of physical education. I will be forever grateful for her encouragement and friendship.
Dr. Jesse Parks was my advisor as I began that journey toward my degree. He helped me balance being a full-time faculty member, a student and the coach of two varsity sports. I needed his broad shoulder and understanding heart to manage the next several years.
Dr. Jack Frost was the glue that held our division together. He appreciated the hard work we all did to survive under some trying times.
These folks, along with Dr. Margaret Thorsen, helped me achieve one of my major career goals, earning my advanced degree and being a successful teacher and coach on the collegiate level.

Amanda Novak [’11]
Coach Mangano – Dr. Kathy Mangano – is an amazing woman who taught me so much that she will never truly understand what she has meant to her athletes or her students. Coach Mangano taught me the true meaning of being a student athlete at Springfield College, how softball was important but graduating as an important young woman in society was that much more important.
She was a constant in her athletes’ lives, making sure we excelled on and off the field, especially in the classrooms. Coach cared about us as young women, not just as her softball players, all who played for her felt like part of her family.
Her office door was always open, whether I needed to cry, laugh, ask for help, or just have 5 minutes of Coach’s time, she made my time at Springfield College an amazing experience. Being her teaching fellow I saw how she worked hard daily to make sure she got the best out of all her students, she commanded the classroom, but was still able to have that fun moment when needed.
As a teacher now I use so many of her tools that she has taught, and as a softball coach, she is truly someone I look up to, and hope one day I am half the coach she was. I can never thank Coach Kathy Mangano enough for all she has done for me. She taught me how to get the best out of myself even when the journey was difficult, to never give up on myself and to always “do my job”! Thank you will never be enough!

Erin (McClellan) Glover [’07]
Judy Hartling and Patrick Decoteau among many others! And of course Terry & Carl outside the classroom!

Janelle Greco [’05]
Susan McCarthy-Miller

Elyse Weaver [G’15]
Can’t say enough good things about Efi Kokaliari

Tom Wraight [’67]
Dr. Gene Rich … great man, inspired educator, and a good friend. Taken from us too soon…

Bill Schoneberger [’74]
Charlie Redmond was a friend, a mentor, a father figure and an inspiration during my 4 years on Alden Street. Little did I know he’d become the living embodiment of what it means to be a member of the Springfield family!

Annie [Fitzgerald] Rosario [’01]
Dr. Forrest Tyson, Dr. Tina Manos, and Dr. Headly are my favorites. They may have been a bit tough, but have taught me what I needed to know to be successful. I am grateful for my years at SC and appreciate all my professors!

Nicole Robbins [’12]
SO MANY!!! Sullivan, Moosbrugger, McDiarmid, Whalen, Coulon…the list goes on and on! How about the entire PEHE department

Jenny Tyniec Guyett [G’07]
I met Delight [Champagne] when I came for an interview for the SPA M.Ed. program. She was warm, engaging, and encouraging. Throughout my time in the program, she challenged and supported me. She encouraged me to dig deeper and apply my knowledge, not just memorize theories. I remember when she was honored by NASPA as a Pillar of the Profession. I felt immense pride and gratitude; pride for my alma mater having such distinguished faculty and gratitude that I had the opportunity to learn from the best.

Joel Aponte [’09]
Joseph Patrick Decoteau, Michael Philip Accordino, Joe Stano, Bernard Graney and the whole Rehab and disabilities team. Helped me become who I am today. Thank you!

Suzanne Bange [’10]
Marty Dobrow made me love learning and writing again!

Gráinne Hayes [’10 exchange student]
Prof Sue Guyer and Dr. Tom Dodge. I have very happy memories of my time at Springfield College in 2010.

Tanya Coles-Dailey [’14]
Dix McComas, Richard Andersen, Denise Brown, Ann Roy, Armando Feliciano, and Clifton Bush

Morgan House [’04]
Dr. Robinson in the criminal justice department and Dr. Marcotte in the psychology department. They are tremendous people and taught me so much!!

Kathy Ahern Lafferty [’93]
Bob Accorsi and Peggy Powers were easy to relate to and made the classroom fun and interesting.

Michele Clark [G’89]
Dr. Barkman and Prof. Redmond. I became a teacher because of their influence on me as their teaching fellow! Also Dr. Siconolfi and Dr. Hutchinson!

Edward Gibbons [’76]
Sherri Shaw, Jim Raggonet, Wayne Sinning, Jim Anderson, Doug Parker, Ed Steitz

Jennifer Mattes Farrand [’89]
Robert Heston

Chelsey Dumond [’12]
Angela Veatch for an unprecedented amount of things and Dr. Vincent Palone from anatomy and physiology, a difficult class taught by a professor with more enthusiasm for his profession than I have ever seen.

Elke Gigi Hardt [G’88]
Al Petitpas, most definitely, although I know how much he dislikes hearing it. He was a mentor, opened a world of possibilities for me, and changed my life. Delight Champagne gave me a chance to discover who I was, what college student development was all about, and that a career in higher ed could be a lot of fun! I miss them both and think about them more than they might ever expect.

Diane L. Potter, Professor Emerita [’57]
The following are some of the Springfield College Professors from my undergraduate days, and my forty-year tenure as a faculty member at the College, who made a significant impact on my life.
Dr. Peter V. Karpovitch: Who could ever forget those Oral Exams with his deep gruff voice informing one of his victims, “I give you what you gave me, a big fat zero!” or “Yes that is the answer, but not to the question I asked!” He taught me attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. I had the wonderful opportunity to be one of his Lab Assistants, and also do some illustrations for one of his publications. To know him was to love and admire him, not to fear him.
Dr. Fred Bratton and Dr. Britton McCabe: These were not only outstanding teachers, but also excellent professional role models. I admired both men for their knowledge, and their inventive instructional strategies!
Dr. Ann E. Jewett, colleague, mentor, and friend. Dr. Jewett’s influence on my professional career began in 1963 when she arrived as our new Director of Women’s Physical Education. As the rookie on the women’s physical education faculty, I taught just about everything. Her class observations and follow up suggestions provided the professional guidance no one else previously, or since for that matter, ever gave me. Her commitment to excellence and our profession was contagious. We all became better professionals under her leadership. After she left Springfield, our personal and professional friendship led me to accept her request that I apply to the University of Georgia to work on my doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, her specialty. With her as my major professor, those years gave me the knowledge and the desire to focus my attention on those areas in my own teaching upon my return to Springfield. Without a doubt, Ann Jewett was the single most influential person on my professional career.
To use current vernacular, I have tried to honor these mentors mentioned here, and others deserving mention, by “playing it forward” during my professional career.

Angela Atkins [’09]
I valued my time at Springfield College and have come to realize that what made it so great was the staff. They are the heartfelt, inspirational and dedicated backbone of SC; making the SC experience one of a kind. For me, Professor and former Softball Coach Kathy Mangano made a world of a difference in my life. Words cannot describe the gratitude for the time and love that Coach Mangano invested in us. She was incredibly supportive and did so by being our toughest critic and our biggest fan. She expected us to do our very best inside the classroom and on the field. Coach instilled the importance of good character, teamwork and discipline, which have benefited me far beyond my college years. My heart is full of gratitude for Coach Mangano and the overwhelming impact she has had on my life.

Amanda Hasenzahl [’13]
Bob Accorsi, Ted France, and Ben [Taylor] and [Angela] Veatch. Professor Accorsi taught me that hard work pays off and that in order to be successful you have to fight for what you want and what you believe in. Ted France has an amazing ability to reach the students at Springfield in the classroom and experientially through Outdoor Pursuits at East Campus. Ben and Veatch helped me during my time as a staff member at East Campus become more confident in my own abilities and in myself as a person. They gave me opportunities to do and see so many things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. All four of them have inspired me in so many ways and I’m forever grateful.

Stan Kaslusky [’68]
Ed Sandow and Robert Andrews, heads of the YMCA studies office. They took a special interest in each student and helped integrate them into the Springfield community. They also opened up opportunities through fieldwork and job placement that lead to a 35-year satisfying career of service and meaningful work.

Emerson Badessa [’13]
Robert Accorsi showed me how to raise my expectations and exceed them. And Harry Rock and Erin Friedman showed me how to have a passion for what you do everyday and how it can make a difference in a day’s work.

Earl L. Berwick III [’02]
Coach Charlie Sullivan pushed me to be better, on and off the court. One practice he drew a circle and told us we had two options: either stay safe in our circle or let him push us outside our comfort zone to be better. I have challenged myself ever since.

Chelsea Barnicle [’10]
My SC family is strong. Numerous names have contributed to my growth as a professional and a person. However, Joel Dearing showed me how to become a better person by challenging myself and others to reach goals that to the outside world seemed insurmountable. He taught me reason, respect, and resilience.

Mary Blalock [’84]
Coach Hay. I tried out for the team as I wanted to get involved in something when I started at Springfield and lo and behold I made the freshman team after never having played competitive volleyball before! I didn’t make the varsity my sophomore year so I volunteer coached instead. During my junior and senior years I served as the team manager under Coach Hay and also served as his student assistant. From there I really developed my love for volleyball, learned how to keep score and worked with the local referees during their matches and tournaments.
Fast forward these past 35 years and I am now a certified FIVB International referee having refereed all over the world (did the Inaugural Youth Olympic Games) Here in the USA I have been a National Collegiate official for over 20 years and have officiated at 10 Division I Womens Final Fours.
I am indebted to Coach Hay and his passion for the sport and am grateful for the opportunities he created for me.

Lisa Lyon [’09]
Gary Enright hands down. He has been “in my corner” for the past 7 years and has advocated for me as well as been my biggest supporter during a lot of trying times with SC. He understands and provides incredible support as well as different ways/coping skills. I dedicate my returning to graduate school after a 4 years hiatus to his support and advocacy.

Leon Modeste [’77]
Dr. Miriam Hirsch let me know I was more than a jock. The most demanding teacher ever. She worked through my angry young black man facade and found a core that still drives me today. Maybe it was because we were both from Brooklyn.

Katherine Henry [’05]
Charlie Redmond, Dr. Sue Guyer, Dr. John Gibson, Coach Naomi Graves, Jude Moore, Coach Simione, Dr. Kathy Mangano, Dr. Margaret Jones, and too many more to list here. All helped me become who I am today not just as a professional but as a person.

Meghan McHugh [’13]
Dr. Stano taught me your dreams don’t come true overnight, and you must make sacrifices and work hard to be successful.

Josh Schupack [’09]
So many incredible faculty and staff but to name some: Harry Rock and Erin Friedman, Dr. Charlene Elvers, Dr. Margie Marcotte and Dr. Alison Cumming-McCann, and Chris Haynes and Alex Ludwig…just to name a few!

Bruce O’Neill [’59]
Dr. Weckwerth and Donald Bridgeman

Katie Graffum [’12]
Terry and Delight!!! Two inspiring people and great mentors.

Fran Samoriski Vincent [’83]
Dr. Ted Dunn inspired me to become a health educator. After 30 years of teaching middle school health education, I was recently selected as NYS AHPERD’s Health Education Teacher of the Year. Thank you, Dr. Dunn!

Susan Thomas [’61]
Now to go way back…..D.r Vanderbeck and D.r Kearney ( my husbands choice). Mimi Murray was a classmate!

Pamela Wall McCarthy [’05]
Marjorie Marcotte, Derek Paar and Delight Champagne, they never gave up on me through my years there, and my grades were the highest ever my senior year because of their guidance.

Selena Taegel [’00]
Charlie Redmond, Jeanne O’Brien

Kelly Jean Mullen [’88]
Dr. Robert Accorsi and Mrs. Judd

Carlton Gill [’12]
Ms. Alecia Jackson!

Nick Carboni [’08]
Marty Dobrow

Amanda Hill [’07]
Dr. Coulon!

Michael Graves [’74]
Coach Charles Silvia

Diane Tarricone [G’88]
Dr. Delight Champagne. She was never “Coach” she was always Dr. Champagne. A woman of many talents, poise, and grace. She made me think outside the box and look at situation from different angles not just face value. She challenged me to be more than I thought I could ever be. She is the ladder to all of my successes. She taught me to lift people up not hold them back. She inspired me to achieve my highest academic success. I am a PhD and a therapist because Dr. Delight Champagne made me develop my spirit, mind, and body. To this day I incorporate so many of her activities into my group work and my teaching. She will forever be my mentor and my friend. Thank Dr Delight Champagne.

Michelle Theresa Wlosek [’10]
I could name a bunch, but someone who really helped me was Coach Kathy Mangano. She never let us do anything less than our best and made sure we did our job. There are many things day to day that I remember Coach Mangano instilling in all her players and students. Working to your potential is definitely one.

Barbara Vinciguerra [’86]
Add Mimi Murray, Betty Mann, Barbara Jensen and add Dottie Zenaty, Dottie Potter, Jim Anderson and Gretchen Brockmeyer to the list plus sooooo many others. Amazing experience

Benny Fairchild [’04]
Professionally, Marty Dobrow and Dennis Gildea without a doubt had the biggest impact on my life and helping me find a newspaper job. I graduated in May and was employed full-time by the end of the summer. On a more personal level. Dr. Robert Price and Tom Digby really helped me become the man I am today.

Liz [Poulin] Gagne [’03]
Marty Dobrow and Dennis Gildea. I honestly looked forward to class and the experiences that they worked hard to offer us. They really grew and nurtured the communications/sports journalism department to what it is today. I am immensely grateful for my experiences.

Matthew Clement [’09]
Dr. Marcotte, without a doubt! I was an EMSM major for three years and in my senior year, I decided to make a major and career change. Dr. Marcotte was instrumental in helping me map out my path. With her help and guidance, I was able to finish the psychology program in 3 semesters and graduate on time. At her recommendation, I stayed at SC for graduate school and received an M.Ed. in Clinical Counseling. I am currently employed at a middle/high school as a school counselor. I also work as a contract clinician for the Town of Waterford, Connecticut, working with youth from the local schools.

Melissa Ryan-Knowlton [’99]
Charlie Redmond, for sure!

Susan Milam Blanchard [G’03]
By far Delight Champagne! The most amazing professor!!! As well as many more…. But, she gave me the confidence to be the best I could!!!

Ally Petrosinelli [G’14]
Delight Champagne

Kazukata Onoda [’99]
Prof. Redmond!! One vote.

Matt Taylor [’07]
Marty Dobrow has had a true impression on anyone he has come in contact with. He is smart, caring and really takes the time to show his students the right way to go about their life.

Drew Broffman [’18]
Kyle Belanger is an amazing human before anything else, and afterwords it’s just icing on the cake that he is a great professor. He is full of energy and he has so much drive and passion for his job and the people he cares about.

Damon White [’99]
Charlie Redmond stood by me through all the good and bad times I went through while at SC. If it wasn’t for him, I’m certain that I wouldn’t be where I am today, I may not even be in the athletic training profession if it wasn’t for Charlie pushing, challenging, and counseling me. Thanks Charlie!

Samuel R. Keif, M.M. [’08]
Dr. Koh really taught me how to write a complete paper. I still remember some of the tips and lessons he taught me as a freshman at Springfield. What I remember best about Dr. Koh is that he clearly cared that we fully understood the material and pushed us to excel in the class. He didn’t expect anything except perfection from his students and did whatever he could to help us realize our full writing potential.

Christina Cormier [’11]
Dr. Shannon Whalen has had a profound impact on my life. I took her class to fulfill a minor but ended up so incredibly inspired that I switched my major and became a health teacher. She was my reference to my first job; where I was paid to do my student teaching at Quaboag Regional High School. I have since changed jobs but her passion and support through college were key to helping me graduate. I was a first generation college student so without Dr. Whalen’s support I would not have found work I love or a mentor at Springfield. I was her babysitter, student worker, her kids swim teacher and she also helped me land a position in their school as a before and after school coordinator. There have been times after graduation where my personal life takes a spin or I need work advice and Dr. Whalen is always available. She is truly motivated to see her students achieve success and has grown from teacher, to mentor and friend. My experience at Springfield would not have been the same without her and my success to date is in part due to her commitment to see all students succeed.

Brittany (Berg) Archey [’08]
Mark Blegen was an amazing professor. He made us all feel like equals and gave us such a fun experience in the classroom. He made us think so much, and to this day I still remember everything he taught me in his class.
Dr. Paolone was one of the most caring professors I could have met. He also taught me so much that I still remember and always went to bat for his students when they were feeling down and defeated. I will never forget the impact he had on me.
Finally, Dr. Wun was one of the funniest professors ever. I was a science major but Biology was not the most fun class I could have ever taken. Having him as a professor made me want to go to class every single day because I knew he would get me motivated and thinking.

Nicole Robbins [’12]
I have so many favorite professors, it is hard to pick just one! I would have to give my utmost thanks and gratitude to all the members of the PEHE department; I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now without all of them! But, if I had to pick just one it would be Dr. Michelle Moosbrugger.
Dr. Moosbrugger was my advisor and helped me through any problem, big or small, while I was a student at Springfield. She provided me with guidance, support, and kindness that will forever stay with me. To this day I stay in touch with Dr. Moosbrugger, I have touched base with her while I have visited the campus, questions regarding the PEHE community, MAHPERD, and even my invitation to the Youth in Motion event held on East Campus this past October.
Springfield will always feel like home to me and all the professors, especially Dr. Moosbrugger, made that experience extra special!

Nancy Stiller [’75]
The faculty who most influenced my life were Jone Bush, Dottie Zenaty, Diane Potter, and Charlie Redmond.
The initial idea that comes to mind is that even though I graduated from SC 40 years ago, I have had contact with all four of these amazing people fairly recently! Social media facilitates some of that contact, but so does the fact that, in so many ways, SC is a family.
I recently retired from my career in academic advising and counseling roles at the University of Arizona. As I reflected on my career, I thought about those formative years at Springfield. Those faculty influenced me because they were enthusiastic and passionate about their work. They were also extraordinarily accessible and, although, at times, they challenged and pushed me, I knew they cared about me.

Peter Harvey [’89]
I look back on my years at Springfield as some of the most formative years of my life. There are so many people that stand out. I would like to focus on two of them.
Coach Tom Hay. He was an amazing man and mentor. I tried out for the volleyball team as a freshman. I had almost zero volleyball experience. I worked hard and at the end of the few days of tryouts he asked to speak with me. He asked me if I was willing to work hard. He told me that I probably would never see the playing floor. He let me know he thought I had potential. I made the team, worked hard, and ended up starting my Junior and Senior years. I am still close with many from both the men’s and Women’s teams from that era. Tom Hay’s decision to give me a shot changed my life.
Laura Jo Judd was also an amazing and creative mentor. She got me involved with East Campus. In my years at Springfield I had the opportunity to help run, program for and rebuild parts of East Campus and the Ropes Course.
This is a skill I have used throughout my life. Given the opportunity to teach about cooperation and communication skills has carried through. Thank you Jo. I miss and think of you very often.

Kate Coleman Kazanjian [’99, G’01]
Dr. Linda Davis-Delano was my biggest supporter at SC. I appreciate everything she did for me when I was there. I also appreciated Dr. Mary Allen. She was incredible.

Jeffry Cadorette [’72]
“I would not be where I am today were it not for Coach Silvia and Professor Sherry Shaw. They saw things in me, at the time, qualities that I had yet to identify in myself. It was because of them that I became a physical therapist. They became lifelong friends. They continued to motivate and inspire me after I left Springfield. I miss them both.

Cheryl Page [’17]
I am a second year social work graduate student in the weekend program. Some of my favorite professors are,
Glenn Gemma: Glenn teaches with such heart and soul and humor. His classes are never boring and he brings such a vast array of experiences and knowledge to his teaching.
Steve Bogatz: Steve Bogatz teaches with lots of knowledge and humor, another NOT boring class! Research may not seem like a lively topic, but Steve definitely made it one.
Dr. Anthony Hill: Dr. Hill is amazing, he has accomplished so much in his life and he brings those experiences to his teaching. He is an expert on school social work and someone I feel honored to have learned from.
Mary Brainerd: Mary is so supportive and caring. She makes that first year of grad school bearable. She has tons of knowledge and shares that with the class in a calm and caring way.

Suzanne Bange [’10]
Professor Dobrow’s extensive background in professional Communications and Sports Journalism brings a ‘real world journalism’ experience and feel to his classroom. His dedicated passion for the field fuels his students to rekindle their love for learning and writing.

Jennifer Mattes Farrand [’89]
Dr. Heston was my professor and advisor in the School of Education. She was brilliant, but could relate the information to all of us in a practical way. When she would come out to observe my pre-practicums and student teaching, she had the best advice and constructive criticism.
I loved going to her classes. I wanted to be an inspiring teacher just like she was.

Meaghan Hart [’12]
Coach Dearing was Springfield College. He exemplified the Springfield College mission of balancing spirit, mind and body in addition to the importance of humanics. Beside Coach Dearing being an amazing coach with a wealth of knowledge about the game, he also was able to effectively teach all of the players while catering to their learning style.
He constantly challenged us not only physically to be better but mentally about the game itself. He taught us the importance of hard work, working towards a goal and working together. He taught us to think ahead and how the result isn’t always important but how you react to the result that makes the difference.
I could go on and on about the volleyball lessons he taught me and how they correlate to my everyday life now, but how he unlocked my true potential was not from the lessons on the court. He saw something in me that I couldn’t see in myself and would take time out of his busy weeks to meet with me. He helped show me my potential outside of volleyball, as a person. He showed me about self worth and self confidence. He prepared me for life after college sports where I could be successful.
Mostly what he did was just listen but he encouraged me to trust the process, trust myself and believe in myself. Those things are so vital to me and I am not sure I would be the person I am today with out my experience at Springfield college with Coach Dearing.

Heather Goodhind, MPH [’11]
I played on the volleyball team and my senior year was Coach Dearing’s last year as coach. Coach Dearing is absolutely amazing. You will never find a more committed, passionate, and inspiring human being.
Even before I started going to SC Coach Dearing believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and had faith in me when I didn’t know what to do. While I played at SC, Coach Dearing motivated me and was such a coach that would push me into being even better than I could have imagined on the court and off the court. He was the one that believed in me when I didn’t think it was possible. He believed in our team and pushed us to be the best we could be.
Without Coach Dearing I would not be the person I am today. Everything he taught me still relates to my professional work and in my day to day life. Even now, I work in Springfield and think of him most days and he still inspires me to be a better person everyday and to keep going and doing better everyday for myself, my family, and my team at work. I am so thankful for Coach Dearing and so blessed that our lives crossed paths.