President’s Perspective

Dear Friend,

I’m so pleased that we have made it to the other side of the pandemic, and I want you to know that Springfield College is more vibrant and alive than ever. The college is rebounding from tumultuous times and poised for a strong future. 

We have unveiled our new 86,000-square-foot Health Sciences Center, and students can’t wait to get inside and apply theory to practice. Our athletic teams are competing successfully on campus and far afield, and we are proud to be shining a light on mental health, ensuring that our students have access to the resources they need as we continue to live in a post-pandemic world.

Our new Health Sciences Center ensures that we can continue to deliver well-trained and dedicated caregivers to the healthcare industry in a time when there is a shortage of providers. The college is ready to respond to that call because, as forward-thinking educators, the future is always on our minds.

The institutions of higher education that will survive this period are the ones that find and feed their niche. We are leaning into the health sciences and other majors that have been relevant since the beginning of our time. We are honoring our past and future here at Springfield College, and we invite you to be part of it all.

This is a wonderful time to reconnect to Springfield College. We need our alumni and friends to pay attention to our work and engage with us. 

Our Advancing Humanics: The Campaign for Springfield College is in full throttle. The time is now. Be a part of it with us. Play a role in the vital future we are creating today. 

I am grateful to have had so much time with alumni over the past few months as I travel across the country on fabulous visits, from Nantucket, at the tip of Massachusetts, to a family farm in Connecticut, to Atlanta, and to Estes Park, Colorado. I hope to be in your neighborhood soon! Carpe diem!

I’ve had the chance to spend time with Sherry and Bill Ruth of the class of 1974, who recently donated $2.4 million to the campaign. Sherry and Bill were competitive swimmers who met as first-year students on our campus. They have lived lives centered around teaching and coaching youth, and their vocations represent many of our alumni. 

Other alumni featured in this issue include six men and women in the healthcare industry who have earned stellar reputations in the field, raising up Springfield College, as all of our alumni do. They represent hundreds of Springfield College-trained alumni who care for their communities. 

Students are drawn to Springfield College because of our special and unique mission, our niche. Our alumni return to us because we enhanced their understanding of Humanics, a foundation they continue to build and develop throughout their lives.

Join me in congratulating Springfield College for staying fresh and sustainable and supporting the way forward.


Mary-Beth A. Cooper, PhD, DM